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Slave to a Name

...the tale of Matthan and Dominus

Lies of the Legion
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A Belldom story set in Ancient Rome. . .

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❝Slave to a Name❞

Lies of the Legion

Welcome to 'Slave to a Name' a comm that is dedicated to telling the story of Matthan,
a Greek slave with a mysterious past, and Dominus, the Roman son of a wealthy
landowner who purchases him. As you can tell from their names, both borrow
physical likenesses from Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard of the band Muse,
but any similarity ends there. This is a story jointly written and posted by
stockholmbabyx and ebonystar* - they'd love it if you
joined them in their little piece of Rome and watched this story unfold.

❝Slowly, with fingers visibly shaking and eyes downcast, he unfastens the thin belt at his waist, dropping it to the floor. Fingers grip the edge of his tunic and with a quick pull and slight shimmy he lifts it free from his body. His eyes remain lowered.

Resting his hands on his hips, Dominus allows his gaze to move slowly over the naked flesh now exposed.

He turns back, striding over to his father quickly.

“I want him.” As the words fall into the air the trader catches sight of Matthan’s body jolting, as if shocked, and the father’s low voice offering a price.❞